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Kwabena Osei Danso

Partner - Accounts, Taxes & Taxes

Osei have been in practice for over 35 years having worked in many African countries. He is respected for making positive contribution to professional accountancy practices across Africa especially with Ecowas member countries. He specialises in operational risk, internal audit and operational internal controls.

A Bit About Kwabena Danso Osei

Kwabena Osei Danso has been an accounting/finance professional for nearly thirty years, practicing in Ghana and Nigeria, with short engagements in France and Switzerland, mostly in the private sector.


Beginning with a public sector engagement as an Assistant Accountant/Consultant with the State Enterprises Commission (now State Interest and Governance Authority, SIGA) and moving on to Ghana Industrial Holding Corporation as Economist/Analyst where he provided full diagnostic analysis of operations of state-owned enterprises and at the holding company’s twenty-six subsidiaries, to assist with strategic financial decisions of the ministries responsible for public expenditure in the sector and for investment process improvement at the holding company. In view of his achievements at both organisations, Mr. Danso was later to benefit from a World Bank sponsored consultancy with SIGA


In Nigeria, Kwabena’s contribution to the growth of the private financial intermediation processes, the medical furniture/equipment business and the beverage industry as Accountant and Finance and Administration Manager of two different companies in the development of accounting systems was hailed by those organisations. Before engagement with Coastal Bottlers Limited, Mr. Danso had also successfully conducted a diagnostic analysis to unearth causes of the company’s stagnation.


On his return to Ghana in 1996, Mr. Danso was engaged as Controller with a joint Ghana-Swiss duty-free trading company at the airport and other prime locations for eight years during which period he attended two group executive development programs, one in Switzerland and the other in France. Thereafter, he joined the Council for Technical, Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) as its Head of Audit until January 2017.


He supervised the computerization of the accounting system at Weitnauer & GTDC Limited, the Swiss-Ghana joint venture. At COTVET, he monitored and evaluated the National Apprenticeship Program which led to the restructuring of the program.  He monitored and evaluated the COTVET/World Bank and DANIDA Skills Development Fund leading to the issue of a clean report of findings by all sponsors.


He also investigated payments under the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFUND)-sponsored National Apprenticeship Program and provided assurance on its expenditures. He got involved with monitoring and evaluation of projects funded by the World Bank, African Development Bank, and other donor agencies.


In consultancy, he assisted, supervised and led business planning/advisory services assignments for clients such as USAID and the Danish Government and has been on retainership with the USAID, as well as many local companies. Currently, also, he is providing leadership, as partner of an accounting firm, handling thirty six clients across a broad spectrum of businesses such as small-scale mining, hospitality, pharmaceutical and other clients. Lately, he qualified two companies for funding under the ‘One District One Factory’ initiative of the Government of Ghana.

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